Saturday, October 15, 2005

Improv Night

Well gang, a slow start but some real nice high spots. Overall, an enjoyable evening. Good first half. upa nd down second.Great participation but we need to deal with visual prescence and decorum when on stage. The audience needs to make noise not you. Freeze frame must allow the scenes to develop- 3 -5 lines befoe freezing. Too many personal in jokes and name calling. No one cares or gets "in" Jokes, especially parents. Care is also needed in adressing people. Characters or titles need to be used not Rob, Jeff or Daria etc. Play CROW!! Jordana sank into the whale tank because she forgot to play CROW. Great slideshow with Eric and Lou. Bravo to Max and team for one of the best Love Connections ever. Too many Bean skits but I was looking for a good solid finish but we didn't get one. Sweeney-- nope- sorry, Rent OK but too much. Presidential good start but I needed to see it to tweak it. It was too long and lost steam. We are also improving on interrogation but it has a way to go as does Numbers. Oh well, we have lots more to too next time at Holiday improv/ Variety Night and during Competition Improv Sports.
Comment as you see fit.



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Daz said...

i completely agree with the criticism of the night. i thought love connection went awesomely, but i think we also has issues because of the things the audience suggested. Last night's audience didn't come up with strong identities or characteristics, especially with party quirks. That made it really difficult for certain things to develop.
Nick just said, and i agree, that we should make the lists in class of sample adjectives, identities, etc, because those were really helpful.
lou thinks we should do typewriter and growing/shrinking, rob says more of the freeze frame variations.
The one problem we've noticed with freezing early is that certain scenes are going nowhere or will get awkward, so people freeze them out to avoid the situation. We all do agree that things do need to be let to develop more.
Take care!
Aude Sapere
-Daria, Lou, Rob, Nick

Mollie said...

I agree completely. Afterall, as a whole we did tend to ignore the elements of CROW. Well, at least we know what to work on next time!