Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall 2005 Drama Notes

Taming of the Shrew opens in October in a Felliniesque environment. Our Dinner Theatre will be an Italian Wedding complete with Lounge acts and "Italian" love songs. Booster support is as strong as ever with a great effort at the Merrick and Bellmore Street fairs. Good community relations were fostered along with good publicity for On Tour. It was also a nice fundraiser with an Outback raffle and the students doing face painting. This gathered a fair amount for Drama and $400 for Katrina victims. Shrew rehearsals progress nicely. Homecoming, hall decorating and parade participation is coming up this weekend.
Drama Classes:

9th Grade is the largest we ever had and they are excited and enthusiastic and should make a welcome adition to the program.
10th Grade is progressing well with Improv basics and acting excercises.

11 & 12 are engaged in producing a class presentation on The Golden Age of Broadway.This will be followed by a monologue repertoire and college audition/ portfolio presentation.