Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall 2005 Drama Notes

Taming of the Shrew opens in October in a Felliniesque environment. Our Dinner Theatre will be an Italian Wedding complete with Lounge acts and "Italian" love songs. Booster support is as strong as ever with a great effort at the Merrick and Bellmore Street fairs. Good community relations were fostered along with good publicity for On Tour. It was also a nice fundraiser with an Outback raffle and the students doing face painting. This gathered a fair amount for Drama and $400 for Katrina victims. Shrew rehearsals progress nicely. Homecoming, hall decorating and parade participation is coming up this weekend.
Drama Classes:

9th Grade is the largest we ever had and they are excited and enthusiastic and should make a welcome adition to the program.
10th Grade is progressing well with Improv basics and acting excercises.

11 & 12 are engaged in producing a class presentation on The Golden Age of Broadway.This will be followed by a monologue repertoire and college audition/ portfolio presentation.


Daz said...

hi sal!

Daz said...

question...are you planning on making this a team blog or just having it so only you can make posts nad the rest of us all comment?
(i'm having fun learning to customize this site).

and i'm excited to do the monologue study
-Aude Sapere

Sal said...

Let's see what happens. it is all new to me and exercising all the options should be an eventuallity.

Jeff Sachs said...

Raise your hand if you check this every day!

*raises hand*

Sal said...

I check every other day almost sort of .

Mollie said...

...Can we say newest obsession?!?! Well, at least its better then playing random video games four countless hours....

Jeff Brancato said...

ok... this is pretty cool... Sal... now you're as cool as Sardo with the CIC lol

Anonymous said...

Sal's MUCH cooler than I am. :)