Tuesday, August 28, 2007

UK Greetings

Greetings from London. I booked a last minute getaway at a great price only difference was Hotel location(closer to Covent Garden and Shaftsbury Ave ( Theatreland)- nice Radisson with free WiFi and A/C and flying American not Virgin or BA. I was to leave yesterday at 11:35 at night and arrive at 11:30 in the Morning. I got to the airport at 7:45 expecting crowds and delays. Then the dream began. It was all like a dream. I checked my bag at the curb, walked into the airport and went through customs in under 5 minutes. Hung out had something to eat. Boarded the plane at 11:15, at 11:35 we were ready for takeoff- but the plane wasn't.Computer screen malfunction and error messages and then the nightmare began. They tried multiple repair options. But they let us watch the touch screen TV's in the seat back. Unfortunately, it is still fed by the tape driven system. So, no pausing and you have to watch at specific times. Three and one half hours later we disembarked to change planes. Estimated boarding time was 3:20 AM. Finally, took off at 4:15AM. And when we did takeoff, they served dinner at about 4:45 AM or later and then “breakfast” at 3PM. Arrived in London about 4:00PM, Hotel after 5:00PM. 
Lost a day pretty much but the weather is good and looks to stay. No firm plans yet except to see friends and try to see a Globe Touring Production of R & J , being done in a South London park on Friday or Saturday.

I went to the lovely wedding of alumna Elissa Weissman in Baltimore on the weekend of August 17th. It was a great time in a really unique place. I will be posting Web Galleries when I get back to New York.

Two great movies that I highly recommend: Chuck and Larry and A Death at a Funeral- both will make you laugh till it hurts. Chuck and Larry is not as dumb as the premise suggests. It has a heart and the second film is amazing farce with relatively unknown Brits but directed by Muppet director and voice of Yoda Frank OZ. Check them out if you get a chance.
More as the week goes on.