Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Road Ahead and Happy Thanksgiving

To all Calhoun students, staff,  friends, and their relatives and families. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

The coming production will be a challenge . We have a short time and many conflicts but we can do it if we all focus and try to keep to deadlines. To those in the cast especially the ensemble, we depend on your extreme cooperation and highest level of discipline and self control. Many people did not make the production and in some cases it was very close. Some will accept the situation and move on, others will watch for each mistake that those in the cast make and take every opportunity to point it out to officers,staff,  students and even me. They will keep track of all the weaknesses,weak efforts, poor attendance and bad behavior that may emerge. To those cast I say- Don't give them that opportunity, prove them wrong. Learn your lines, learn your lyrics and music and learn them fast, create a truly intense character and we will have an amazing experience. To those not cast, join in and make a major  contribution behind the scenes, help Mallory with the Props, Adam with tech, Amy with paint, Lydia with costumes, Marc with mailings etc. Make a name for yourself by making a major contribution and be a part of the show in that way. The same goes for Annie Get Your Gun.

To those who are disappointed, remember, there are many reasons why and it is impossible to second guess unless you ask. Sometimes it is seniority, other times, audition quality, other times dance skills, vocal ability or vocal range. Most often, it is sheer juggling of numbers. If you are in a show and did not get the part you wanted, maybe you are not at the right level yet or one of the other variables occurred but you are still in the show while many are not. Be thankful and continue to do as good a job as the one that put you in the show.

For the moment, take time to reflect over this weekend about how much we have to be thankful for. Most of us do not have loved ones, miles away in harms way fighting an unpopular war, most have good  health and families and friends that care, a good home to live in and good food on the table( even our take out is high quality). We have in the On Tour Program an extraordinary blessing with a school, a district , an administration and parent support along with good funding that gives us all a wonderful opportunity to present and participate in a unique, high quality Performing  Arts program that has few equals in the county , the Island and the State.

We have much to be thankful for and should be extremely grateful.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving,



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nice entry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sal, Amy just read your blog to me. She asked me not to comment...but as you know, I do what I feel is warranted. Your comments were thoughtful, and yes, we all have so much to be thankful for. On Tour offers your students with an experience that will never be forgotten. Thanks to you, and to all On Tour members! Enjoy one another, and know how important you are to each other. Fondly, Cindy Davidowitz

Anonymous said...

cindy davidowitz<3

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inspiring. thanks.

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