Sunday, July 01, 2007

2006-2007 Season

Well gang, here it is "the summer".  One week out of Calhoun. Scripts for R & J have been copied and will be mailed over the next two weeks. They will not go at once because the office has to conserve postage. So far, some nice graduation parties, and some time to see some films (more on that in the next post) and some continued pain at the dentist-mostly in my wallet. The biggest news will probably surprise no one. Yes, you could have bet on it- I bought an iPhone. So did Sardo, as I'm sure many of you know. It is really amazing. Not perfect yet, but by September I predict major additional features.
Anyway, while setting the phone up, I decided to include some photos from previous seasons. That's why this title of this post.I was looking at the photos and was quite impressed by your work. It at once triggered in my mind the scenes and the moments from shows and how they were executed and I am very proud of what I saw. Folks, you really did a splendid job on all the shows this year... and last year too for that matter. I know that I am a harsh critic when we are in the middle of things, so is every good coach in sports. Theatre requires the same discipline and and a professional edge. If I praised you like a fan you would loose the edge and it would definitely go to your heads. And let's face it, some heads are way too big already. There is enough back patting and friend praising friend  to power a battleship. I try to speak about the show when it closes but sometimes time prevents it. I know I cover things during the dinner but I am never sure if the video and impending season announcement allows you to hear all the comments. 
So,please, remember this: I am always proud of your efforts and the On Tour Company in general. Why else would I put your photos in my iPhone. It is only natural that with the metaphor of family, that people bandy about so much, that I show off your photos like any proud parent would do. 

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Anonymous said...

If we both ever lost our iPhones, people would know whose was whose, based on which group's photos was loaded in it. Load some Evita clips on yours, I was impressed with the quality of the Crescendo clips on mine.

Hope you're enjoying the summer. :)